Latest Products Latest Products Mon, 08 Aug 2022 05:16:21 +0530 en-us Fresh Vegetables Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Without vegetables, getting the right nutrition is not possible. And, having access to freshly grown vegetables that contain all the essential nutrients and have been grown maintaining the best practices is vital. Jubitar Exim is a name that will not disappoint you at any time when it comes to getting your hands-on quality produce like fresh vegetables without spending a lot. We offer you fresh garlic, fresh ginger, fresh red onion that comes from the farmers straight and you get at affordable rates. We commit to becoming one of the leading exporters of quality Tamil Nadu black pepper and other whole spices. You can order from us at any time, our professionals would be there to give you peace of mind. Enjoy uninterrupted services in terms of quality, delivery and customer support. Trust Us As Your Wholesale Vegetable Supplier We offer authentic products and basmati rice of which the long grains along with the smell would impress anyone. With easy-to buy-packages, get your hands on them as soon as possible. We know that it is you who would help us grow in terms of being the leading name as suppliers and exporters. And, though established in the year 2020 in Coimbatore, we will not disappoint you. We are renowned for our quality, rice variety and also toor dal that we deliver to you straight. Each product goes through a quality check before dispatch. As a farm-fresh vegetable supplier in Tamil Nadu, you will not be given a chance to complain. We supply to different parts of the country and the way our business is growing in volume, it is because of your trust and the hard work of our employees and dedication. A strong commitment to high quality is what has helped us grow. You can call us anytime or even email us so that we could get right back at you with quotes of products. Whole Spices Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 For Indian delicacy and cooking, whole spices are a must-have in every household, restaurant. Jubitar Exim is a name though established in the year 2020, we have been serving customers with a quality product which have been sourced from the plantations and of higher quality from farmers. We do a quality check on each product and we aim at becoming the biggest exporters of Tamil Nadu black peppers that will enrich your cooking experience manifold. As black pepper and green cardamom supplier, we leave no stones unturned in offering you what is best and ensuring you are fully satisfied with the product. We have been in this industry for years and though the company has opened in the year 2020, we now have a client list who trust us and who have applauded us for our remarkable quality, services and customer support. Buy Whole Spices In Coimbatore From Us Based in Coimbatore, we are a reliable and competent company that will not let you down. We are not afraid to take that extra step to ensure you are satisfied. With easy-to-buy packages, you can get them in the nearest stores and from fresh garlic to raw maize and onions, you could place its orders and at an affordable rate. Buy whole spices from us at rates which helps you in gaining profit as well. The continuous growth of our product and in different volume has helped us grow and it also shows that people trust us and our products. You can also order basmati rice which will be of high-quality long grain and the superior quality and when you cook and serve, it would be hard for anyone to not feel impressed. Our commitment towards you and freshest sourced products has helped us grow in the market and become a name that everyone would think first while buying whole spices. Basmati Rice Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Jubitar Exim is a renowned exporter and supplier of fresh vegetables, whole spices, and not to forget basmati rice. Easy-to-pack and delivered right at your doorstep, this rice is long grain and the smell is heavenly. Whether for dinner or lunch, everyone would want more. As wholesale basmati rice supplier in Coimbatore, contact us immediately to get your quote on organic basmati rice so that one could order it and enjoy the many health benefits. Basmati rice is not just famous in India but is very popular all over the world and used for some really enjoyable delicacies like biriyani and others. You can order white basmati rice and get quotes and enjoy hassle-free services. Our commitment towards clients is renowned and appreciated by many. Call us anytime to get your quote on long grain basmati rice. Green Cardamom Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Green cardamom has some essential benefits that one just cannot ignore and keeping that in mind, we at Jubitar Exim has come up with some fresh spices and green cardamom and basmati rice which would not disappoint you. We source ingredients from plantations and farmers directly so that we know we are only getting genuine products. A name that has been there since 2020 in Coimbatore, we have established a client list and base who trusts us and we have been applauded for the services that we have been providing. We leave no stones unturned which would give you a choice to feel disappointed. Using the latest technology for packing, everything would be delivered on time without any hassle. Our professionals are always there to help you with green cardamom and offer you a quote we know you will be comfortable with. Being a new name in the market, we envision ourselves in reaching the top as exporters of Tamil Nadu black pepper, spices and basmati rice. And, we can only do that when we have you beside us. Order from us as your dry green cardamom wholesaler and we will not let you have any complaints and would be there giving our best. The Benefits Of Green Cardamom The benefits of green cardamom are several including. The diuretic property along with being rich in antioxidants helps in lowering the blood pressure. Studies are finding out that it contains cancer-fighting compounds as well. The anti-inflammatory effects help in protecting you from chronic diseases. It also helps with ulcers like digestive problems. Helps in fighting cavities and sometimes if you are having a bad breath some would advise you on sucking green cardamom. As green cardamom supplier in Coimbatore, we ensure you get what is best for you and your customers. These various benefits of green cardamom are something that should not be ignored, including going for the freshest source with us. Fresh Garlic Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Fresh Ginger Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 For any kind of delicacy, ginger is a must and the benefits of it are innumerable. Jubitar Exim is exporters and suppliers of quality fresh ginger which has been sourced from farmers and their plantations. We also supply you with agro products including fresh garlic, whole spices and basmati rice along with the fresh red onion. Based in Coimbatore from 2020, we commit towards providing you with the ultimate superior quality. Ginger is considered to be the healthiest spices among all and there are various proven health benefits that show it is. Ginger could be either grounded, fresh, dried and even powdered. And, we do not only deal with fresh ginger, but we also offer you as a wholesale fresh ginger exporter in Coimbatore products that are straight from the plantation. Ginger is known to contain gingerol which is considered to contain medicinal properties and is very powerful. The Benefits Of Ginger Are Innumerable Ginger can help you treat any kind of nausea and also help you with weight loss. This is why many would suggest you to go for ginger water or having ginger juice taken out with warm water. It helps with osteoarthritis and lowers the blood sugar levels as well. You can trust us to deliver the products straight to your doorstep maintaining all the safety and hygiene regulations. You are important to us and so is the health of our employees and we would not do anything that would jeopardise it. Go For Reliable Fresh Ginger Supplier From Coimbatore We aim at becoming the key exporters of Tamil Nadu black peppers and basmati rice ensuring each goes through quality check before being dispatched. You can talk to our professionals at any time who are there to make your customer experience a great one. Though a new name in the market, we would be delighted to add you to our present family of our clients. Raw Maize Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Jubitar Exim is a name that was established in the year 2020 and since then has been growing in Coimbatore as one of the leading suppliers and exporters of fresh ginger, garlic, onion, whole spices, basmati rice and others. We will not disappoint you in terms of quality, service as well as customer support and price quotes. You can get easy-to-buy packages from us and we are renowned for our commitment to serving you. We deliver the best quality rice and yellow lentils to you, raw maize and what you need in terms of whole spices. The growth of our business since 2020 has only been possible because we have you beside us. You get nothing but the best with us. Our clients have applauded us for the service we have been providing and offering products that are affordable too. Trust Us As Your Raw Maize Exporter in Coimbatore Our goal is customer satisfaction and that we reach you by offering premium quality products to doorstep. Our network of distribution all over the country and we goal in becoming the leading exporter of Tamil Nadu black pepper, we ensure yearlong supply of these. How Maize Is Beneficial For Health? It helps by reducing the risk of anaemia. It is a great energy enhancer as well and this is why athletes and gym trainers add them to their daily diet. It is a miracle for those who are underweight and are lacking the right nutrition. As raw maize supplier in Tamil Nadu, we leave no stones unturned. It helps in maintaining the cholesterol level and also lower the blood sugar. A saviour for pregnant women. It reduces the risk of birth defects due to the presence of folic acid, pathogenic acid and zeaxanthin. It also helps in soothing constipation. It helps in maintaining healthy skin. We will not let you down when you order agro products from us. Black Pepper Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Jubitar Exim is a name that would not disappoint you when it comes to getting your hands on the highest quality basmati rice along with spices made from the freshest of the ingredients. We have been in the business from 2020 n Coimbatore. And, though not a long time, with patience and hard work we have gained a client base who have applauded us for our products and what we have been serving them. As exporters and suppliers, we offer you black pepper and we aim at becoming the key exporters of Tamil Nadu black pepper. The product would be delivered to you according to your flexibility and we take the minimum days required for shipping ensuring you get the product on time. Trust Us As Your Wholesale Kali Mirch The products that we offer you come from the plantation sourced from the farmers which are then packed in a very hygienic way and which then goes through a quality check. We give you no chances for any kind of complaints and are always there to serve with our product which has been creating quite a buzz. The Benefits Of Black Pepper It helps in preventing cancer if you have it mixed with turmeric. It could also be taken if you have a severe cold and adding this to your daily diet would be a wise choice. It is good for digestion and it helps in breaking down the protein when you consume it raw. It prevents constipation too. It helps in treating skin problems like maintaining the original colour of your skin and it also stops you from ageing prematurely. As organic black pepper supplier in Coimbatore, we only offer good quality black pepper which helps you with depression and in treating it. Trust us to get products delivered on time and that too at a very competitive and affordable quote and price you would find nowhere in the market. Fresh Red Onion Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Fresh red onions are an integral part of the Indian culture and their delicacy. And, if you are looking towards finding a supplier and exporter of fresh produce and high-quality basmati rice, then Jubitar Exim is the name that should be your first priority. We have been in business since 2020 in Coimbatore, and though a new name in the market, we are a reliable and competent one. Get Your Hands On Fresh Red Onion People are becoming more conscious regarding what they are consuming and we make sure you are not disappointed when the product is delivered ultimately to you. We obtain fresh products directly from the farmers. When you order basmati rice from us, your customers would give you credit for offering them with high-quality rice with their signature fine grain, smell and heavenly taste. We aim at being the best farm-fresh red onion exporter and will leave no stones unturned in delivering what you want. Why Us? Though a name that has not even been there in the market for a year, we are equipped in giving you the freshest ingredients directly sourced from the plantations to your doorstep. Order from us basmati rice and spices which are made from the freshest of the ingredients. We envision in becoming the key exporters of Tamil Nadu black pepper. As fresh red onion supplier in Coimbatore, our professionals are there at all times to offer constant support through every step of your purchase. Fresh red onions come with a shelf life of 15-30 days and are very hygienically packed keeping in mind the present situation and the health of our employees and clients. You can always contact us to get your quote as soon as possible. Since the beginning of our operation, we have worked tirelessly in building our brand and becoming a household name that everyone could trust. Toor Dal Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Toor dal is commonly known as arhar dal and is one of the most consumed dals in India. And, at Jubitar Exim, we make sure the products you are getting are the best and will satisfy you. We are based in Coimbatore since 2020 and have a client list who have applauded us for offering quality products, customer service as well as delivery. There are several benefits of yellow lentil. It helps in reducing weight because of the high dietary content. It also helps in checking your cholesterol level. It is beneficial for your bone health. It is an excellent source of phosphorus which helps in making your bones and teeth a lot stronger. It helps in keeping your heart healthy. It helps in keeping your cardiovascular system healthy because of the presence of magnesium, potassium as well as phosphorus content. It helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism rate. It is a brilliant basis of protein as well. Therefore, people who do not eat fish and are vegetarian and are looking for protein sources for their diet, this could be a great option. It also helps with constipation and therefore is a great addition to a daily diet. Buy arhar dal and enjoy the benefits it provides. Choose The Right Toor Dal Supplier in Coimbatore We are a name that would not disappoint you and though a new one, we have been serving everyone with the right level of dedication. The packaging is done maintaining all the safety and the quality regulations and it is delivered to your doorstep in a hassle-free manner. Our professionals are there night and day to offer you quotes on what you need and work tirelessly in offering you everything as soon as possible including removing any queries you might have. Our aim and commitment towards you will never waver.